Episode 3 (Part Two): Family Faceoff with Craig and Courtney Laughlin: Travel Nightmares
25:16Published on October 17, 2018
In part two of this week’s podcast, Craig Laughlin shares what led him to taking a selfie with Kenny Albert in Philadelphia at 2:30 AM (spoiler: travel can be a nightmare sometimes) and compares the Caps' team charter plane to...a rocket ship? Plus, Craig and Courtney give an update on the Hershey Bears, including their thoughts on hockey captaincy, and reveal how they think Tom Wilson's suspension appeal will shake out. Topics include: Mr. Laughlin's wild ride (0:33), the Caps' rocket ship (7:25), Hershey Bears update (9:31), no captain on the Bears (13:05), how to select a NHL captain (15:40), curling (19:16) and Tom Wilson's suspension appeal (22:23).