Episode 19: Family Faceoff with Craig and Courtney Laughlin
26:34Published on February 12, 2019
Should the Caps shake up the top two lines? Why have the Caps struggled so mightily on faceoffs? Craig and Courtney Laughlin share their thoughts on the Caps’ six-game homestand and get you ready for the long road trip ahead. PLUS, the Laughlin’s go through their tweets of the week, including one that references Craig’s favorite pop star: Ariana Grande. Topics include: Courtney’s Second Vacation (0:58), Thoughts on the Caps’ Six-Game Homestand (4:01), Packing for the LONG Road Trip (5:36), Caps’ Improved Play After the All-Star Break (7:32), The Benefit of Long Road Trips (9:06), Changing Up the Top Two Lines (11:08), Caps’ Struggles on the Faceoff (13:14), Tweets of the Week (19:06), Craig Doesn’t Know Any Ariana Grande (19:19), Brooks Orpik/Colorado Avalanche Fan (21:14), and Craig and Courtney Have Never Worn a Jersey to a Hockey Game (24:09).