Episode 16: Family Faceoff with Craig and Courtney Laughlin
28:03Published on January 15, 2019
After DC’s biggest snowfall in three years, Craig and Courtney Laughlin tell some of their favorite childhood snow day stories (spoiler: grandpa Laughlin made his own Zamboni). PLUS, with Rick Nash announcing his retirement last week, the Laughlin’s discuss the NHL’s approach to concussions in 2019. Managing the Caps’ goaltending tandem, Brooks Orpik’s legacy with the Caps, we’ve got it all on Family Faceoff! Topics include: DOWN GOES KUZ KONTROL: fantasy hockey update (0:47), Laughlin snow stories (2:19), Grandpa Laughlin made his own Zamboni (3:55), the Laughlin’s have one of the last Caps Centre goals (7:05), Marchand didn’t answer the bell (8:26), managing the Caps’ goaltending tandem (10:41), the NHL’s concussion approach in 2019 (13:50), Brooks Orpik’s legacy with the Caps (21:06), Caps’ play in the neutral zone (23:42), and the three stars of the show (25:22).