Episode 15: Family Faceoff with Craig and Courtney Laughlin
27:15Published on January 8, 2019
New year, same Laughlins! In lieu of the recent news that Alexander Ovechkin will miss the NHL All-Star game, Craig and Courtney have a spirited discussion about NHL All-Star weekend (spoiler: Craig’s not a big fan). PLUS, the Laughlin’s preview the second half of the season with a game of over/under and explain why Sidney Crosby gave an autographed hockey stick to a trash-talking New York Rangers fan. Topics include: Caps’ bad stretch (0:37), Caps’ power play struggles (2:32), NHL All-Star weekend players and coaches announced (4:45), Over/Under: 2nd half preview (13:24), trash talk pays off (17:45), the week ahead (21:31), and the Laughlins’ three stars of the show (24:38).