Episode 11: Family Faceoff with Craig and Courtney Laughlin
29:29Published on December 11, 2018
Craig and Courtney Laughlin recap a roller coaster week for the Washington Capitals, including a big win in Columbus and the Ryan Reaves hit on Tom Wilson, and reveal what they would name Seattle’s new expansion team. PLUS, do choreographed celebrations have a place in the NHL? Craig and Courtney give their thoughts. Topics include: an impressive win over Columbus (1:10), Ryan Reaves’ hit against Tom Wilson (1:55), Alex Ovechkin…still GR8 (4:59), Caps winning despite a plethora of injuries (9:37), Seattle’s getting an NHL team (10:01), Seattle’s hockey history (11:28), what should Seattle name their team (13:36), why Craig expects the Caps to finish the week 3-0 (18:59), who starts in goal against Buffalo (21:03), the Carolina Hurricanes postgame celebrations (22:26), Courtney’s epic goal celebration (23:59) and the Laughlins’ three stars of the show (27:12).