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You have to have a valid membership to attend this event

You have to have a valid membership to attend this event

Washington Redskins News

2017 Mock First-Round NFL Draft

Ken Zalis enlisted the help of Russell Street Report's Tony Lombardi and Brian Bower for his most recent mock first-round NFL Draft.

Bruce Allen vs. the Media - Why the Redskins Always Lose!

Bruce Allen and the local Redskins media. Two prideful sides that are like oil and water. That's not because of the media, that is the sole responsibility of the Redskins President. Once again, the grand puba could have helped himself and his organization, but as usual, came up woefully short.

Providing No Clarity

Bruce Allen spoke on Sunday at the league meetings in Arizona and while his lips moved and words came out of his mouth, he said little of any consequence.

Roc & the Redskins?

The Redskins need a general manager. The search is on and it might wind up similar to how the Skins defensive coordinator search went and that's by choosing the top in-house choice.Or Bruce Allen could go outside by picking up a "Roc" and bringing somebody in who he can trust back home.

The Redskins Would be Smart ….

Could the Redskins bring an old friend home, while strengthening an area of uncertainty and adding leadership and high character to the locker room and organization? They took a big step towards that on Wednesday. Now - can they seal the deal?

Screwed Over or Smart Business?

Yes, it's been ten days since they left but just because they're gone does not mean they are forgotten. DeSean Jackson and Chris Baker are now Buccaneers and Pierre Garcon is reunited with Kyle Shanahan. Now it's time to examine how the Redskins handled the 'big three' besides losing all of them.

A Solution to NFL Overtime?

The NFL is considering a change to regular season overtime to protect the players. Of course, if they were really concerned about that issue, they would end the terrible experiment that is "Thursday Night Football." Instead, they have a proposal but of course that won't solve many of the issues so I've come up with a solution to the NFL's proposed solution.

Peterson in Washington?

The Redskins could use help everywhere but I think one underrated area that they need help in is at running back. It's not a major need but if you could strengthen your offense and shorten games, why wouldn't you consider this name: Adrian Peterson.

Something Doesn't Add Up...

Lots of reporting is being done (still) on Scot McCloughan's firing from the Redskins. A lot of it is good, honest, revealing information and certainly not "fake news" as many uninformed critics often accuse the media of since a certain someone moved into a high-ranking office. Sometimes, details can be confusing or twisted and things don't always add up. Such as the case with Kirk Cousins & McCloughan's first few months on the job.

Redskins Seven-Round 2017 NFL Mock Draft

As the Washington Redskins prepare for the 2017 NFL Draft, Ken Zalis put together a seven-round mock draft for Washington, with three potential names for each of the team's 10 draft slots.

Ricky Jean is Gone!

There will be no more peanut butter and jelly dances after sacks for Ricky Jean Francois in a Redskins uniform. On the same day, the Redskins brought back Ziggy Hood, they lete go of a player who was recently openly critical of the organization. Which, as usual, opens the door for more criticism for the Redskins.

Cousins to Cleveland?

Could the Cleveland Browns go from one former Redskins quarterback to another? That's the hot rumor of the day and I wouldn't put anything past the Redskins if they can acutally get a good compensation package for Kirk Cousins, they almost have no choice.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth?

With the Washington Redskins, every day brings a different drama and a different set of stories that seem to contradict each other. That's what happens when you have a completely dysfunctional franchise that does very little the right way. Today, we examine some parts of the never-ending soap opera in Ashburn.

2017 NFL Mock Draft

Ken Zalis shares his first-round mock draft for the 2017 NFL Draft, including the needs for each team and his projected pick.

RG III Released & How His Prescence Led to McCloughan

Scot McCloughan is out as general manager of the Redskins after two mostly successful years on the field but a lot of drama behind the scenes. What would have happened if McCloughan was not hired? That's a tough question but Robert Griffin III's standing in the organization fueled McCloughan's hiring.

A Fantastic Friday for the Skins!

After a complete disaster of a last two weeks for the Redskins ended with a potential ray of hope and a huge move that will make the Redskins better in a lot of ways. The path to the good news was typical Redskins but the icing on the cake was sweet.

Is There More to McCloughan's Firing?

The Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey circus will be closing their doors forever shortly after a historic 140+ year run. Unfortunately for Redskins fans, the circus has never left Redskins Park and will always be a part of the landscape. Here's the thing: It only gets worse with time.

McCloughan Fired

Scot McClouhan has been fired, as expected, by the Washington Redskins on Thursday night. The Washington Post was first to report the story but we've been writing in this space for weeks, that this situation was really bad and not getting better.

2017 Free Agent Frenzy - Defensive Backs

The Redskins could really use an upgrade at both safety positions. Unfortunately for them, the free safety position is being valued higher and higher across the league. The good ones rarely get away. However, they did connect on one addition. Could they once again bolster their cornerback situation?

2017 Free Agent Frenzy Linebackers

The Redskins need help at linebacker both at the edge pass rusher position and on the inside, especially if an unexpected move happens. They need speed and while that might be hard to come by, you have to try and fix something.

2017 Redskins Free Agent Frenzy - Defensive Line

The Redskins need a lot of help on their defensive line. They are poised to lose their best player but also have reportedly agreed to a deal with a member of the Cowboys in 2016. What's next?

2017 Free Agent Frenzy - Offensive Line

The Redskins offensive line is a good unit but it's not a great unit in any reasonable set of eyes. Sure, pass protection has been a strength but alot of that is because of Kirk Cousins' quick release and decision making.

Davis Re-Signs, Compton & Thompson Tendered

The Redskins remain insanely busy - locking up a key free agent of their own and tendering two key restricted free agents. The news cycle never ends.

2017 Free Agent Frenzy WR & TE

It looks like the Redskins are going to need two new receivers, perhaps as early as Thursday night, when DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are both expected to find new homes in the NFL. Could they bring home a local product? At tight end - an old friend stands by but an intriguing fit is also available.

2017 Free Agent Frenzy QB & RB

Free Agency in the NFL officially begins on Thursday afternoon. We are now in the legal tampering period and the Redskins are allowed to talk to potential targets. Of course that also means that their own players who do not have a contract for 2017 can also shop around. Will they go after a running back or perhaps a veteran quarterback? That's how we start.

If & When the Skins Move on from McCloughan…

The drum-beat is getting louder and louder. It's hard and almost impossible to ignore. Scot McCloughan's days appear numbered and if they are, the Redskins are going to have to hire a replacement. Could it be somebody in-house already that would re-connect the fan base and speak to a little more stability?

Redskins Sign Head Coach Jay Gruden To Multi-Year Contract Extension

The Washington Redskins announced March 6 that they have signed head coach Jay Gruden to a multi-year contract extension.

Another Dagger for the Redskins

Another day, another debacle for the Redskins to deal with and face. One of their best pass rushers from a defense that still needs a significant upgrade, is facing a four-game suspension to start the 2017 season. When will the bad news stop? Probably not anytime soon.

Happy 50th birthday Jay!

Jay Gruden was rewarded for a solid first three years on the job. It hasn't been smooth or easy. It's been far from perfect, but Gruden has become a company man over the last couple of years and has helped lead one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL. The Redskins probably would not have gone down this road now, but they had very little choice.

Three-Way Tango for Redskins, Cowboys. 49ers?

The unthinkable and the highly unlikely, but not impossible was rumored on Friday afternoon by a prominent NFL insider. Does it have any legs? Yes. Could Tony Romo exchange a star for a feather?

The Latest on Scot, Kirk and the Skins..

Only the Redskins could take a season-ending flame-out and turn that into an almost completely insignificant storyline. It's been two months since the Redskins have played and lost a game on the field and yet their record this winter rivals the 2016 Cleveland Browns or the 2008 Detroit Lions.

McCloughan Missing From Scouting Combine

The Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan is not at the annual scouting combine in Indianapolis, 106.7 The FAN has learned. We have the details right here.

2017 Redskins Draft Watch: Western Kentucky OL Forrest Lamp

Will the Washington Redskins target Western Kentucky's Forrest Lamp in the 2017 NFL Draft? Ken Zalis breaks down Lamp's key strengths and areas for improvement.

The Redskins Make a Power-Play!

The Redskins were woefully behind in a two-horse sprint to the finish until Tuesday. They're still far from ahead, but in one day they closed the gap considerably. Now, can they use the considerable distance still remaining to outlast the leader down the stretch?

Exclusive Tag! You're it!

The Washington Redskins decided to place the exclusive franchise tag on Kirk Cousins a day earlier than expected and by doing so, made a statement to reassert their leverage and control in the matter.

Cousins Future is Cloudy!

Kirk Cousins is set to become the first quarterback in NFL history to receive the franchise tag in two consecutive years. Now the question is - does Cousins receive the exclusive or the non-exclusive tag and don't kid yourself, it matters! This is what each side must consider depending on what decision the Redskins make.

Redskins Won’t Talk at NFL Combine?

The franchise tag deadline is looming. Free agency is straight ahead and the building might just be on fire. However, even as the Redskins pack up the circus tent and head to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, it appears as they'll be hitting the mute button, once again, for everyone. And it's a shame.

Romo a Redskin?

Could the somewhat unthinkable be a reality? Could a man who was chosen by the legendary Bill Parcells, who was groomed and beloved by many for wearing a star on his helmet, become a member of the burgundy and gold? It's a possibility. How big? That remains to be seen. Would they be better with him than the guy they are letting dangle?

As the Kirk Turns

The clock is ticking. The franchise tag deadline is looming but unlike last year, when there was no chance anybody would pay the ransom and a monster contract for Kirk Cousins, a good chance does exist for that exact scenario this year. The problem with the entire situation? The Redskins could continue to lose in every way possible, as they have, the entire time.

The Cult of Colt!

For a guy who hasn't played in a regular season game since the 2015 season, Colt McCoy has a dedicated group of supporters that matter in the football world. Now the question is this: Will that support manifest itself in a starting job for the Redskins? In 2017?

Inside the Numbers - DeSean Jackson vs. Pierre Garcon

The Redskins have a LOT of issues to deal with. The smoke in Ashburn might be choking the life out of any remaining common sense, but thankfully, we have this forum to make an argument and provide data so that you can make an educated decision on who the Redskins should bring back at receiver.

DeSean vs. Pierre - Who Should the Redskins Bring Back?

The Redskins have so many issues - they are hard to count. One huge one is who they should bring back at wide receiver, DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garcon. Yes, it's a really tough call but here's my reasoning for who I would rather have been in Washington.

DeSean "Action" Jackson to Return?

Could DeSean Jackson return to the Redskins in 2017? Yes. It's possible. Maybe more so than originally thought. It will probably come down to whether or not the Redskins make a competitive and fair offer, something they don't always do, but if they do, a surprising result could be in the mix.

If Bruce is Digging in, it's Time to Panic!

Anybody that covers and follows the Redskins knows that the organization is run very differently than most. There's a lot of chef's in the kitchen. Hell, there's even a sous chef now! Sometimes, a decision by committee is a good thing. Consensus is a strong play. Sometimes, or maybe a lot of times, a decision is made based on ego and for the wrong reasons. That's where a company or team gets in a lot of trouble.

Trouble in "Paradise?"

The Redskins seem to be operating this off-season like they are in a gigantic batch of quick sand. There's huge decisions to be made and that's just at the quarterback position. The roster is loaded with major questions and free-agents so while all of that is the most sobering reality, the President is busy choking out his top commander.

What Happens if Both Pierre & D-Jax Leave?

A nightmarish off-season for the Redskins started on Janaury 1st, at least a week earlier than was expected. They have two new coordinators and now they be on the verge of losing their two-best wide receivers. The Redskins are not in the business of competing with market value when it comes to free agents, so the door is wide open.

Tuesday Thoughts - Who Could Kyle Target in SF?

The Redskins are not showing any love so far to Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon and more. With Kyle Shanahan now in San Francisco, that nonchalance is eventually going to catch up to them but maybe for somebody different than anybody's thinking.

How the Patriots Win & the Falcons Collapse Reminds of the Redskins

The Atlanta Falcons collapsed in the late part of the third, all of the fourth quarter and overtime in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots capitalized. Somehow, this epic contrast of success and failure reminded me of the Redskins.

Bruce: "24 Million’s a Lot of Money"

Bruce Allen says Kirk Cousins will be the Redskins quarterback. For how long? Nobody knows. Then again, nobody knows for sure what the truth is and what is pure politics. One things for sure, the longer the Skins wait - the higher the cost.

What the Redskins are Missing on 'D' to Play Like the Falcons!

In part-two of our look at what the Redskins are missing on defense, we take a look at two key components that the Atlanta Falcons have that the Redskins need to get back to a Super Bowl.

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