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You have to have a valid membership to attend this event

Washington Redskins News

Inside the Numbers - DeSean Jackson vs. Pierre Garcon

The Redskins have a LOT of issues to deal with. The smoke in Ashburn might be choking the life out of any remaining common sense, but thankfully, we have this forum to make an argument and provide data so that you can make an educated decision on who the Redskins should bring back at receiver.

DeSean vs. Pierre - Who Should the Redskins Bring Back?

The Redskins have so many issues - they are hard to count. One huge one is who they should bring back at wide receiver, DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garcon. Yes, it's a really tough call but here's my reasoning for who I would rather have been in Washington.

DeSean "Action" Jackson to Return?

Could DeSean Jackson return to the Redskins in 2017? Yes. It's possible. Maybe more so than originally thought. It will probably come down to whether or not the Redskins make a competitive and fair offer, something they don't always do, but if they do, a surprising result could be in the mix.

If Bruce is Digging in, it's Time to Panic!

Anybody that covers and follows the Redskins knows that the organization is run very differently than most. There's a lot of chef's in the kitchen. Hell, there's even a sous chef now! Sometimes, a decision by committee is a good thing. Consensus is a strong play. Sometimes, or maybe a lot of times, a decision is made based on ego and for the wrong reasons. That's where a company or team gets in a lot of trouble.

Trouble in "Paradise?"

The Redskins seem to be operating this off-season like they are in a gigantic batch of quick sand. There's huge decisions to be made and that's just at the quarterback position. The roster is loaded with major questions and free-agents so while all of that is the most sobering reality, the President is busy choking out his top commander.

What Happens if Both Pierre & D-Jax Leave?

A nightmarish off-season for the Redskins started on Janaury 1st, at least a week earlier than was expected. They have two new coordinators and now they be on the verge of losing their two-best wide receivers. The Redskins are not in the business of competing with market value when it comes to free agents, so the door is wide open.

Tuesday Thoughts - Who Could Kyle Target in SF?

The Redskins are not showing any love so far to Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon and more. With Kyle Shanahan now in San Francisco, that nonchalance is eventually going to catch up to them but maybe for somebody different than anybody's thinking.

How the Patriots Win & the Falcons Collapse Reminds of the Redskins

The Atlanta Falcons collapsed in the late part of the third, all of the fourth quarter and overtime in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots capitalized. Somehow, this epic contrast of success and failure reminded me of the Redskins.

Bruce: "24 Million’s a Lot of Money"

Bruce Allen says Kirk Cousins will be the Redskins quarterback. For how long? Nobody knows. Then again, nobody knows for sure what the truth is and what is pure politics. One things for sure, the longer the Skins wait - the higher the cost.

What the Redskins are Missing on 'D' to Play Like the Falcons!

In part-two of our look at what the Redskins are missing on defense, we take a look at two key components that the Atlanta Falcons have that the Redskins need to get back to a Super Bowl.

What the Redskins are Missing on D to Play Like the Patriots!

While the Super Bowl will be played this Sunday, the Redskins might be asking themselves: How do we get here next year? If they look at the New England Patriots defense - they must close a couple of pretty significant gaps before they wake up from that dream!

Galette on the Grind!

Junior Galette is on his way back to hopefully make the impact for the Redskins he has been thirsting to make. Once a controversial high reward, low-risk signing, Galette now just hopes he can be in uniform for week one. If that happens for the Redskins, they might be able to have something that has been sorely missing.

Could Jon Gruden be the Trump Card?

The Redskins head coach is Jay Gruden. He wants his quarterback back and on a long-term deal. He's smart. He realizes that if Kirk Cousins goes, he could be next. He needs help to make his case. So maybe, just maybe, his older brother can help or is already helping convince the only person who truly matters what the right thing to do is.

No Negotiations? A Big Problem for the Skins!

Bruce Allen provided hope for some Redskins fans that a long-term deal for Kirk Cousins was a decent possibility. He all but guaranteed Cousins would be the Redskins quarterback in 2017. That's all great, but if Bruce & his organization wanted to marry "Captain Kirk," they should have already popped the question, or made him an offer. They didn't.

If Kirk Stays, It's Time for the Redskins to Play Fast!

The Redskins management team spread their propoganda like wildfire at the Senior Bowl this week, when it came to Kirk Cousins and his future. Some of it may be true a lot of it probably means nothing. However, if Cousins is back - it's time for the Skins to take a big step forward and here's how they can do it.

The Most Important Thing Jay Said….

Jay Gruden met with the media in Mobile on Tuesday and had some interesting things to say. While the NFL world is running with one declaration, it's important to not dismiss one other very important statement from Gruden.

Did Redskins Miss Out On Falcons Five?

There are five former Washington Redskins on the Atlanta Falcons' Super Bowl LI roster, and Rick Snider says Washington should only regret letting one go.

Redskins Busy as Senior Bowl Week Commences

The Redskins made a flurry of moves official on Monday morning, most of which were known and some of which were a surprise. It's the start of a very important week for an organization that is very much in need of an immediate talent infusion, especially on defense but in all phases.

The Options for Kirk, The Options for the Redskins

If you thought last off-season was quiet, grab your popcorn! If you thought this year's decsion on Kirk Cousins was simple, you should settle in for the show! IThe next two months promises to be a debacle of epic proportions OR it could somehow, someway benefit the Redskins long-term.

Ryan, Manusky, Tarver & Pagano in the mix for Redskins

The Redskins are amping up their search for a new defensive coordinator this week. was first to tell you about Rob Ryan, who interviewed on Monday and now you can add a few more names to the mix.

Jim Tomsula and a Skins Suprise?

Could Jim Tomsula, the former San Francisco 49'ers head coach, could be joining the Redskins coaching staff in 2017. It makes all the sense in the world. While Tomsula joining the staff would point to Greg Manusky taking over, could those signs lead to a dead road or another option? How about a name that no Redsins fan would want?

Redskins' Jay Gruden Should Take Over Play Calling

Now that the Rams have hired Sean McVay, Rick Snider says there are so many moving parts on the Redskins' staff that head coach Jay Gruden should call the plays himself.

McVay to L-A!

The Redskins knew they were firing their defensive coordinator when the season ended. They were hoping to keep as much of their high powered but fatally flawed offense together, as possible. That hope turned into a numbing reality on Thursday when Jay Gruden lost his top offensive assistant to a the Los Angeles Rams.

Redskins Need Deeper Search For Defensive Coordinator

Rick Snider says new ideas are needed to revamp a lacking Redksins defense, and general manager Scot McCloughan needs to hire someone other than the usual defensive coordinator candidates.

Pettine to Lead Redskins Defense?

A former Browns head coach could be running the Redskins defense? Yes, and normally the stink of the Browns carries more weight, but not in this case, at least in terms of the early fan reaction. Why? Because of something that is very important to many but guarantees virtually nothing.

If the Redskins get on the "Gus Bus" .....

The Redskins top candidate, according to multiple reports, is former Jaguars head coach and Seahawks defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley. If they hire Bradley, here's what the defense could look like & what you could expect on a scheme basis.

Are you on the "Gus Bus"?

Redskins fans wanted change and now they are going to get it. The question is this: Who is going to provide it? There's not just one candidate, but the one that seems to provide the most optimism is a former head coach, that might be too nice of a guy.

Redskins Starter: “I hope Manusky gets it.”

Joe Barry is gone and the Redskins, believe it or not, are a desirable job. You have a top-flight offense and a couple of great building blocks in Josh Norman and Ryan Kerrigan. You might not have much else after that which appeals strongly, but the Redskins defensive coordinator job is not a bad position. Now, who could be that lucky guy?

Redskins Fire Defensive Coordinator; Is Jay Gruden Next?

Rick Snider says head coach Jay Gruden needs to choose his next defensive coordinator wisely, because it may decide whether the coach remains employed himself.

Redskins fire Joe Barry + 3 more!

Redskins fans received a late Christmas present on Thursday as Jay Gruden and the organization fired Joe Barry and three assistant coaches, after two years on the job. Washington started the day, Thursday, with three defensive coordinators with NFL experience on their staff. Now, they are down to one. Could that one be the new one?

Redskins To Reload, Not Rebuild

Rick Snider says the Washington Redskins have plenty of challenges for the coming offseason, including whether to replace defensive coordinator Joe Barry and what to do with quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Sweeping or Subtle Changes Ahead?

Changes will absolutely occur. They change even for championship teams. The question for a team with a winning record but one that limped to the finish line and ultimately fell way short of the goal is how many different faces will be here in 2017? Will the QB be the same? Will their be an entire new defensive staff? How about the head coach? Is he staying for a while or is he entering a potential final year?

Quick Snaps - Season Over for the Skins!

The Redskins season came to an end on Sunday night, a game that many thought they would win and a game that many dismissed for the Giants. If you are a regular with us at, you know we didn't make that same mistake. So was it the Redskins coming out flat or were they just not anywhere near as good of a team as New York?

First-and-Ten Part 2 - Giants @ Redskins

The Redskins defense is the worst unit ever created by man kind and Joe Barry is completely clueless. That's what several thousand knuckleheads wrongly believe. They're not good enough, which is undeniable and Barry could use a lot of help but if you go beyond the surface numbers - you will see that this unit has helped the Redskins get to 8 wins and with one more, a spot in the playoffs. We examine in "First-and-Ten" Part two.

2016 Washington Redskins Predictions: Redskins Vs. Giants Picks

PressBox's football "experts" make their predictions for the Redskins-Giants game, and all but one person think the Redskins are headed for the postseason.

First-and-Ten - Giants @ Redskins

For the Redskins - this Sunday is everything. Win and they are almost absolutely in. Win and they would have a better record than they did last year against a much tougher schedule and incredibly awful scheduling by the NFL. Win and it's a measure of true progress. Oh and they should have arguably their best offensive player back.

Washington Redskins Historically Good Bet In Must-Win Games

The Redskins can't reach the playoffs unless they win their season finale against the New York Giants, and Rick Snider says history is on Washington's side.

Inside the Numbers - Giants @ Redskins - Win and In!

It's a do-or-die game for the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon against the New York Giants. While they could get into the playoffs with a tie, they would need a small miracle. They cannot get in with a loss. For one more game, they'll have to ride the arm of a potential 5,000 yard quarterback to try and do something they have not done in far too long.

Quick Snaps - Redskins are Still Alive!

In 2010, the Redskins rolled into Chicago against a much-better Bears team and DeAngelo Hall intercepted Jay Cutler four times, with Washington walking away a winner. Saturday, the Skins gave their fans an early Christmas present as the Bears and Cutler's replacement, gift-wrapped a season-saving win.

First-and-Ten (Pt. 2) - Redskins @ Bears

The Redskins defense was better on third down and in the red zone Monday night during a bad loss to the Panthers. They were awful when it came to tackling and not allowing the Panthers to run free. Now, with their season on the line - can they step up against a suddenly capable Bears attack?

2016 Washington Redskins Predictions: Redskins Vs. Bears Picks

PressBox's football "experts" make their predictions for the Redskins-Bears game, and Stan "The Fan" Charles says Redskins coach Jay Gruden could be headed for the hot seat.

First-and-Ten - Redskins @ Bears

The Redskins are in desperate need of a win after getting trucked at home by Carolina and now need to reassert their authority by physically dominating a (3-11) Bears team that should be ready to call it quits, but not if Washington gives them life.

Inside the Numbers - Redskins Running to Bears?

The Redskins season is in peril. It might effectively end befoe Santa goes down one chimney, if they can't find a way to win in Chicago. The thing is - they are going about it wrong and continue to be infatuated with something that works but leaves them exposed.

RFK Stadium: 20 Years And A Million Memories Later

Dec. 22 marks 20 years since the Redskins said farewell to RFK Stadium, and Rick Snider says the memories from FedEx Field haven't been as euphoric.

Jay Gruden Takes Blame For Redskins' Woes, And Deservedly So

Rick Snider says Jay Gruden has been a decent coach for the Washington Redskins during the last two seasons, but is he able to get the most out of his players?

Quick Snaps - Carolina Cruises over the Skins

Another Monday Night Football debacle of epic proportions for the Redskins. Another week where they show how under-manned they are on defense and how bad they can be on offense when they can't run the ball. Now, their season is one step away from the end.

In Focus: Redskins D on 3rd Down - Part 2

With an extra day-and-a-half in between games, we have an opportunity to turn up the heat and go "In Focus" on a particular issue. Earlier this week, we broke down with the help of video, five third-dpwn situations for the Redskins defense in their win against Philadelphia. Some were good, some were not good, a few were unlucky and the end result is they need to be better. Here's another round for you to digest.

First-and-Ten Pt. 2 - CAR @ WSH

In our final part of "First-and-Ten" we examine why the Redskins defense will be challenged by a great tight end that the Panthers bring to D.C. and what the Redskins must do to win on offense. Also, welcome home to my pal, Graham Gano!

First-and-Ten: Panthers vs. Redskins

Part one of our "First-and-Ten" preview for "Monday Night Football" focuses on the Redskins defense against the 2015 NFL MVP! Can Washington get off the field on 3rd down & why everybody is overlooking one huge problem!

Inside the Numbers: Panthers @ Redskins - MNF

Monday Night Football and the national spotlight is back on the Redskins for a third primetime home game this year. It will be cold and probably breezy but the Redskins have a chance to make some history and continue to create some more magical memories in the final month of the year.

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